Is it worth to buy (a) Oculus Quest

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The Oculus Quest is mostly for people who are looking into play short play sessions (under 3 hours). Which is exactly what I was looking for. I don't have a powerful PC, and don't really care about graphics (although the graphics on the Oculus Quest are pretty good!).

This is my first VR headset and I really love it. The tracking is really good and it's all wireless. The headset also fits nicely on my head.

Worth it!

Cyber2929 | June 19, 2019 Downvote -1 Upvote +1


Amazing | June 23, 2019 Downvote -1 Upvote +1

I've only used the Google cardboard before and wasn't a big fan..
However I decided to buy the Oculus Quest, and it's super awesome and definitely worth the price tag.

Mrkrab | June 19, 2019 Downvote -1 Upvote +1

This is so much worth getting! You get almost the exact same experience as the Oculus on the PC, but instead you dont need a $1500 PC. (plus the Oculus itself)

I say, if you have the money and are interested in in VR.. you should get it!

theorchid | June 20, 2019 Downvote -1 Upvote +1